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A Cool Space

There really is nothing quite as comforting as coming in from a sweltering summers day to a nice cool home or work place where you can relax and literally chill out. This is of course made possible by a hard working temperature control system that takes the heat out of the air and replaces it with comfortably cool air.

We all know it and enjoy its product. But how many of us know exactly what is going on behind the white metallic panel of the AC unit that's providing you with all that coolness and comfort?

The stock answer is that it's similar to the way a refrigerator works, which is correct but how many of us even know how that appliance does what it does? Well, here's a basic explanation that should go some way to de-mystifying this commonly enjoyed interior climate regulating process.

How Does AC Work?

Inside the unit that's on the wall in the room you're sitting in is a small motor called a compressor that compacts a special kind of refrigerant gas enclosed inside the system causing it to become chilled. Air from the room is sucked into the unit and passed across a lattice of thin pipes that look much like a small radiator, which causes the temperature of the air to chill fast.

That chilled air is then blown back into the room out the front of the unit, cooling the air temperature in the room. That's the cool air we enjoy when we stand in front of the unit to cool down after coming in from the hot outdoors.

The process is called a heat exchange, where the warm air loses its heat as it cools, but that heat doesn't just disappear. It has to go someplace. And that place is out a vent through the wall to the external unit called a condenser which blows the hot air out into the outside air.

That's why an AC is split between two units, one inside and the other outside. The inside unit blows cold air into the room while the outside unit blows the hot air out.

Of course, that is a huge simplification and there is quite a lot more to the process, but I wanted to keep this explanation simple as possible. I've just covered the basics here so it's easier to understand what's going on inside the average device that we all take for granted. I'm sharing more detailed information in series of info articles included in this website (see the clickable article titles listed below).

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